Smart Square hmh (Hackensack Meridian Health) Login


Smart squares hmh are intelligent public spaces that utilize technology to create an interactive and engaging environment for people. They incorporate digital displays, sensors, Wi-Fi, and more to transform ordinary squares into vibrant hubs of activity.

Hackensack Meridian Smart Square hmh Login

Smart Square hmh (Hackensack Meridian Health) Login

Smart Square is an innovative healthcare destination in Hackensack, New Jersey that brings together leading medical specialists and technologies under one roof. As part of Hackensack Meridian Health, Smart Square provides patients with access to a renowned network of specialists, advanced medical equipment, and personalized care.

Smart Square hmh is home to many specialty practices and centers of excellence including:

  • The Heart & Vascular Institute – Offers comprehensive cardiovascular care including open heart surgery, angioplasty, cardiac catheterization, and electrophysiology studies.
  • The Cancer Institute – Provides multidisciplinary cancer care including medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, and hematology/oncology.
  • The Neuroscience Institute – Specializes in neurosurgery, neurology, and neuro-oncology with a focus on complex brain and spine surgeries and treatments.
  • The Orthopedic Institute – Features specialists in joint replacement, sports medicine, spine surgery, hand surgery, foot and ankle surgery, and trauma.
  • The Women’s Health Institute – Provides comprehensive women’s health services including obstetrics/gynecology, urogynecology, and breast health.

Smart Square hmh also includes an emergency department, diagnostic imaging services, physical and occupational therapy, and a medical laboratory. With its array of specialists and facilities under one roof, Smart Square delivers a seamless patient experience and the highest quality care.

Internet of Things (IoT) enabled

Smart squares leverage IoT devices and connectivity to become smart, connected spaces. Sensors detect things like foot traffic, environmental conditions, and available amenities. The data is then used to optimize the square and provide personalized experiences for users. Digital displays can also be updated in real-time based on events and activity in the square.

Engaging public spaces

Smart squares  hmh create more engaging public spaces by turning the square into a platform for entertainment, social interaction, and commerce. People can participate in community events, access free Wi-Fi and charging stations, play interactive games, get directions or recommendations, and more – all while enjoying the open space. They foster a sense of community and bring people together.

Sustainable and efficient

By utilizing technology, smart squares can become more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective to operate and maintain. Sensors help improve waste management, optimize energy usage, and extend the lifespan of infrastructure and amenities. Data insights enable data-driven decisions to improve the square and reduce costs over time.


Smart squares hmh demonstrate how technology can transform public spaces and bring people together through interactive and engaging experiences. They create connected, sustainable spaces that improve communities and the lives of individuals. With smart squares hmh, ordinary squares become vibrant hubs of activity and social interaction.

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